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The Last Day

January in December

Covenant of the Baptist Church at White Creek


Positioning the Walloomsac Patent

A Cold Afternoon's Walk

It Grabbed my Attention!

Give one of my photographs this Christmas!

Don't Be So Sure You Are Right

A Photograph taken this Morning

Thanksgiving Dinner


A Busy Day

A Beautiful Day

Getting Something Done!

Carving Pumpkins

Facebook and Censorship

Replacing the Roof, Circling Geese, and a Reluctant Dog.

Musings on the Hike up White Rocks Mountain. #2. Long Time Passing

Musings on the Hike up White Rocks Mountain. #1. Lessons from the Trees.

The Hike up White Rocks Mountain, Wallingford, Vermont, USA

End of Summer-like Weather?

Sunday Heat

This Blog

The inmates take over the asylum