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Cars: You Can't Live With Them, and You Can't Live Without Them!

The exhaust flexpipe on the Dodge Journey has been leaking and getting louder and louder. I put it up on ramps two weeks ago and looked at it, then wrapped it in sheet aluminum and clamped it in place with 3 inch screw clamps. I called a local Dodge dealer and they had me bring it up to get an estimate (I would have done the work myself except everything is shoehorned into place in these vehicles today and I don't have a lift. When I first started working on cars in the 1960's you could sit next to the engine while someone drove the car and make adjustments. Now you have to be a midget contortionist to change a spark plug!). It was sort of an indefinite estimate, depending on how long it took, but I had no choice so went with it, then did some preliminary work myself to shorten the time it would take, breaking off the rusted out bolts on the "crossunder pipe", slotting the flanges so I could pound out the nutserts with a hammer and punch, then replacing them wit…

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