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It Has Been a Wet Year

Back on April 25, I purchased a rain gauge and put it out. Since then I have kept track of the amount of rain we have gotten. So far, on November 8, we have received 31.29 inches.

Having little idea of how much we normally get, I looked up the average for Bennington, Vermont - 10 miles away. The average for Bennington is 40.7 inches. The average for Albany - 30 miles away - is 39.4 inches. That is for the whole year, including snowfall. I missed the first four months of the year, and will soon have to take the gauge in so it doesn't freeze, so I think the amount already fallen shows that this year was far wetter than average.

Starting tomorrow, we are supposed to get even more rain. If this keeps up, I hate to think of the snow we are going to have to move!

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