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History is interesting

I have been busy doing historical research, along with other end-of-summer stuff like fixing the roof.

I recently wrote up an article on White Creek, the Arlington Tories, and Seth Chase which research illustrated to me that though the US is divided today, it has been that way before. As have many of the injustices and abuses that go along with such division and anger.

Families were split over the issues, and in some cases members ended up shooting at each other in battle.

The Quakers were persecuted by both sides because they tried to remain neutral and refused to take up arms or support the military.

Some folks pretended to support both sides, depending on whom they were talking to. They usually succeeded in avoiding problems, but were rather despised.

People were arrested and imprisoned without trial.

Committees largely unaccountable to anyone were formed to investigate disloyalty.  Property was seized and sold with no recourse to the owners of it. Many people were just ordered ou…

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