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The Lyme Finally Seems to be Losing its Grip

Today started very damp and dull, but at least the Lyme seems to be beginning to lose its grip.

I woke up about 2 and again at 4 with a headache, but not the "holding onto my head and screaming" type I have been having. One migraine pill was adequate, though it dehydrated me for awhile.

I woke up for good about 5:30 am, had coffee and breakfast, let the dog out and in, put the laundry in the dryer, did dishes, checked the weather forecast, and wrote in my Journal. My wife is up and going now, also.

At 11:15 I will have to take her to dialysis. Then I have to pick up more paint for the historical markers and come home and get at the lawn, now over a foot high in places. But I am going to try not to overdo it and have a relapse.

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