When the rule of law no longer applies, the rule of men takes over 

The evil genius behind this is that it can never be appealed to the Supreme Court and ruled unconstitutional. If someone is never charged with a crime, they can never defend themselves in court. Even if they are charged, if they are held indefinitely without trial, they can never be tried or appeal a conviction to the Supreme Court. Since the High Court only hears cases appealed to it, they will never be able to rule on it, even though it is obviously unconstitutional.

We are well on our way to a military dictatorship. All it will take is another act of terrorism, or a crisis such as the collapse of the economy.

However, we face a bigger threat as a nation. We not only have turned away from God, we have turned against Him. When He pulls the plug, the lights will go out no matter how powerful our military or how draconian our government.


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