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A Holiday Weekend - Camping, Hiking, and the Drag-on, Never Let Go Bronchitis!

I've had this horrible bronchial stuff for a week now. It lets up and then returns. Usually I get one bad cold a year, that hangs on for about 3 weeks. This year this is the third or fourth bad cold I've had!

We and the grandsons were supposed to go camping this weekend, but because of the illness we had to cancel. Just as well considering the weather!

Saturday I stayed inside and tried to bring my crashed desktop computer back to life with a new hard drive, but the Rescue disk couldn't find it to install the image. The bios saw it fine, so I downloaded Gparted, made a bootable usb drive, and formatted it, but still had no luck. Eventually the restore program started booting to a black screen, so I gave up. Spent about 12 hours fooling with it!

Yesterday, not wanting to share my cold with the church, I took the grandsons and Lucy the Dog on a short hike on the trails at the old "One World Conservation Center" in Bennington to make up for not going camping. Unfor…

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