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Sunday - the Day of Rest!

On Sunday morning I got up fairly early. The previous afternoon  and evening, my nose had been running and I kept sneezing, but I took a dose of Nyquil (which I'm not supposed to take) and felt much better in the morning. I think the tile glue fumes from tiling the hall on Saturday affected me. I had breakfast, took Lucy and drove over to Bennington to see my wife in the rehabilitation facility. We stayed there about an hour and drove back home where I let the dog run a couple of minutes, put her back in, and went to church.

Pastor Jon preached on "Set Your House in Order", based on 2 Kings 20. I helped serve Communion, then drove back home, let Lucy the dog out for a bit again, and then made the hour drive to Clifton Park for our great-granddaughter's second birthday party.

It was a nice, sunny day. I stopped at the Blockhouse Park in Stillwater to take a few photos of the Hudson.

I got to the party about 15 minutes early, but there were few cars there. Turned out …

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