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Keeping Back the Jungle

After all the rain this summer, plus the two nasty summer colds I have had, the brush has encroached on the lawn and the woods have encroached on the brush. That's not to mention how long the lawn has gotten. I have used the last week to mow lawn and weed whip the brush (after I got a new clutch for the string trimmer from Amazon and installed it!). It has been hot work, with the humidity as high as it has been, but I am making progress. It is usually too wet to cut until afternoon, when the heat and humidity are at their peak.

     It bothers me that it wastes so much time. No matter how often you mow and trim, you know that in a few weeks of sickness and being unattended it will already have begun to grow back in, and after I have passed on the place will return to brush and then to woods. Maybe I should fence it and get some animals!

     I am on the third day of a 3-day fast. Usually I do an alternate day fast, but this time I thought I would try a longer one. It is the …

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